Group classes

There's strength in numbers. True statement, especially in our group classes.

From our 5lb dumbbells to our 450lb tire called GODZILLA our group classes are designed for any fitness level for ages 16 and up.

Be sure to click on our FACEBOOK page for videos of our classes!!

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All Star Performance Training & All Star Boot Camp

Team Training

Whether your team is a 10U Baseball team of 12 or a High School Basketball team of 20 we have the resources to take your team to the next level of performance! 

What does every Athlete need in sports.... SPEED, POWER, QUICKNESS, EXPLOSIVENESS! 

You Train slow, you play slow!

You Train FAST, you play FAST!!


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All Star's Baseball Hitting Center

All Star also offers batting cage rentals for teams and individuals who want to improve their baseball skills during the off-season.  Our hitting center includes a hitting tunnel with a JUGS Pitching Machine, an netted area for soft toss drills, an indoor pitcher's mound, and 2 netted areas for Baseball Tee drills.